The HKS 2000 arm model stands out for its ease of use and portability, which usually does not require a large working space.

It allows easy and fast guide on the table it is connected to.

As with all hydraulic models, the HKS 2000 Hydraulic Tractor has standard horizontal and vertical tapping capabilities.

HKS 2000 Hydraulic Guide Tapping Machine is manufactured in different capacities like M5-M16, M5-M24 and M5-M36.

  •  M5 - M24 Tapping capacity

  •  Two-stage gearbox system providing high torque and speed

  •  Easy to use and ergonomic construction

  •  Strong construction

  •  Piston stiffness setting

  •  Speed setting

  •  Quick guide switching feature

  •  Vertical, horizontal guide ability

  •  Capable of guiding large machine bodies with difficult to move

  •  Different application areas (reaming, riveting, grinding, braiding,   sheet drawing, multi tapping etc ...)


M5-M24 Hydraulic Tapping Machine

Model : HKS 2000

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