It has tapping capacity from M5 to M16. The working area provides a wide working area thanks to the arm structure which can be opened up to 2050 mm in radius.
Standard features include horizontal and vertical and tapping feature and adjustable speed from 0 - 600 rpm. There is also an optional Deskless Bag Type (BT) version.

  • M5 - M16 Tapping capacity

  • Guide pulling capacity at a speed of 0 - 600 rpm

  • Easy to use and ergonomic construction

  • Strong construction

  • Piston stiffness setting

  • Speed setting

  • 2050 mm radius working area

  • Quick guide switching feature

  • Vertical, horizontal guiding feature

  • Difficult to move, guide to large machine bodies

  • Different application areas (lubrication, riveting, grinding, grinding, tapping, multiple tapping, etc.)

  • Ölçüler mm cinsindendir

M5-M16 Hydraulic Tapping Machine

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Model : Huk 2000

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Dimensions are in mm

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