M5-M24 Hydraulic Tapping Machine

The M5 - M24 hydraulic tapping machine combines the advantages of a large working volume and a dual gear transmission system. It makes your tapping operations a series and minimal cost operation.
Thanks to the dual-stage transmission system, tapping operations between M5 and M14 are performed at speeds between 0 and 600 rpm in 1st slot, and between M16 and M24 at 2nd speed at 0 to 150 rpm and high torque. Thus, small-diameter tapping operations offer high speeds, while large-diameter tapping operations offer high torque values.
Standard features include horizontal and vertical tapping. Depending on demand, it is produced as a table or bag type.

  •  M5 - M24 Tapping capacity

  •  Two-stage gearbox system providing high torque and speed

  •  Easy to use and ergonomic construction

  •  Strong construction

  •  Piston stiffness setting

  •  Speed setting

  •  2050 mm radius working area

  •  Quick guide switching feature

  •  Vertical, horizontal guide ability

  •  Capable of guiding large machine bodies with difficult to move

  •  Different application areas (reaming, riveting, grinding, braiding,   sheet drawing, multi tapping etc ...)

  • Ölçüler mm cinsindendir

User's Guide
Table dimensions
Double stage gear system

Dimensions are in mm

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