Our Huk 2000 Rh (Bag Type) model is working with 380 V electricity. With the bag type hydraulic equipment, you can use the acrobatic arm by connecting it to the surface you want.  It is also available in our bag type model which can work between M5 - M16 and M5 - M24.

  • M5 - M36 Tapping capacity

  • 5.5 Kw electric motor

  • 380 V operating voltage

  • Optionally adjustable speed setting

  • Strong construction

  • Vertical, horizontal guiding

  • Fast holder replacement

  • It has features such as preventing the electric motor from working in the reverse direction by means of the phase protection relay and preventing the damage of the hydraulic pump.

Technical İnformation

Model : Bag Type

M5-M36 Hydraulic Tapping Machine

Dimensions are in mm


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