The M5 - M36 Hydraulic Traction Machine is able to reach up to 2050 mm in radius thanks to its standard arm structure and is able to guide easily to large machine bodies which are difficult to carry. The hydraulically operated system performs tapping operations between M5 and M36 quickly and with minimum cost.

It has horizontal and vertical tapping capability at the desired speed according to guide size between 0 and 100 rpm as standard.

M5-M36 Hydraulic 

Tapping Machine

  • M5 - M36 Tapping capacity

  • 5.5 Kw electric motor

  • 380 V operating voltage

  • Optionally adjustable speed setting

  • Strong construction

  • Vertical, horizontal guiding

  • Fast holder replacement

  • It has features such as preventing the electric motor from working in the reverse direction by means of the phase protection relay and preventing the damage of the hydraulic pump.

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Dimensions are in mm

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