Servo system designed for different tooth sizes such as M5-M20, M5-M24, M5-30 and M5, M36 with long life servo system, comfortable handling and 220V operation support, servo system that can give high torque even at very low revs, maximum reliability.


  • M5-M16 / M5-M24 / M5-M36 / Tapping capacity

  • Panasonic Servo System with high torque and speed

  • Working with 220V Electricity

  • Piston stiffness setting

  • Precision speed setting with potentiometer

  • 2050 mm radius working area

  • Quick guide switching feature

  • Vertical, horizontal guiding feature

  • Difficult to move, tapping to large machine bodies

  • Strong construction

  • Protected Servo System

  • Digital depth control system (able to define different speed and depth for each guide)

  • Ability to record and recall different workpieces with the recipe feature

  • Safe tapping with chip breaking function (Recommended for critical tapping operations and molders) - Touch Panel

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