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Electric Tapping Machines

(Bag Type)

The Panasonic Servo system, with its long life equipment and 220V operation capability, is easy to use, with its portable bag type equipment and acrobatic, large machine with the possibility to take with you wherever you want and connect it with the desired surface bolts or external accessories (magnetic magnets etc.) your body, or your molds make your tapping operations easier.

The servo system is designed for different thread sizes like M5-M20, M5-M24, M5-M30 and M5, M36, servo system, servo system which can give high torque even at very low revs, max. it provides reliability.

With a long spiral cable you can place the equipment anywhere you want with 220V.


  • M5-M16 / M5-M24 / M5-M36 / Tapping capacity

  • Cycle Indicator

  • Panasonic Servo System with high torque and speed

  • Portable equipment and portable arm

  • Working with 220V Electricity

  • Piston stiffness setting

  • Precision speed setting with potentiometer

  • 2050 mm radius working area

  • Quick guide switching feature

  • Vertical, horizontal guiding feature

  • Difficult to move, guide to large machine bodies

  • Strong construction

  • Protected Servo System

  • Platina is placed for visual purposes. External equipment.


Thanks to the 220V electric servo motor, there is freedom to work almost everywhere. With electric servomotor and portable type equipments, it is more comfortable to take a guide now ...

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