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  • M5 - M24 Tapping capacity

  • Double-stage transmission system that provides high torque and speed together

  • Touch screen

  • Different chip breaking functions

  • Independent speed adjustment for forward-reverse rotation of the spindle rotating between 0 and 700 rpm

  • Energy efficient inverter system

  • Working area with a radius of 2050 mm

  • Automatic-manual or chip breaking feature tapping according to the desired depth

  • Vertical and horizontal tapping feature

  • Ability to record 5 separate programs

  • Counter feature

In addition to all the features offered by the standard M5-M24 tapping machine, it takes your tapping operations one step further in terms of functionality with its touch-screen programmable structure. Separately controllable forward and reverse rotation speeds, improved chip breaking functions to extend the life of the tap and not break the tap ( "GTAP", "DDGT") special programs that provide automatic tapping according to the determined depth ("AUTO"), and PLC Hydraulic Tapping Machine with saving up to 5 programs is now much more efficient...

M5-M24 PLC Hydraulic
Tapping Machine


The video shows "AUTO" mode...

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